What is Unconditional Love, and How to Connect with it

Unconditional love is the ability to love the essence of another no matter what they do or fail to do.  This is a very difficult concept for most to grasp because thoughts immediately conjure up people that do the worst things imaginable.  How does one love a murderer or a rapist?

The answer is simple, as the truth always is, but truth these days is very difficult to discern for most people.  The answer is you don’t love a murderer.  You don’t love a murderer because a murderer is not the essence of who they are.  Murder is an action that has been taken by someone that has completely turned away from their own essence.

That essence is consciousness, of which there is only one.  It is creative.  It is love.  It is the I AM.  It is the essence that nearly all humans are unaware of at a conscious level, yet we all know this at a much deeper level.  It is something that you can bring to your conscious awareness if you so desire.  It is within and will show itself if you seek the truth.

From my own journey, I have learned that the act of loving myself unconditionally connected me directly with this unified field.  The only other way I’ve heard that others have been able to gain this experience is through a near death experience.  There have been numerous wise people that have come before us that have hinted that all of the answers we seek can be found within.  Now that I have done this work in earnest (and will continue to do so) I most definitely agree with them.

There was a point in my journey that I began to feel this love for myself and in that moment in extended to all of creation because that love brought with it the understanding of who I AM.  Each individual is a drop in the ocean of consciousness, but it is ONE ocean.  We are unique, yet we all have every experience because we are ONE.  It is this knowledge that brings the understanding that when one suffers, all suffer.

When a murder happens, we all suffer.  It doesn’t matter if this was in cold blood, vengeance, or the product of war.  It is war, in fact, that keeps us in perpetual suffering.  It is also a fact that soldiers are part of this one, and I love them because of that.  I do, however, say no to any immoral acts that they perform – and no, there is no human-issued orders that can make that action moral.  It is also immoral to treat soldiers with hostility when they return home.  It is only love that will help them heal themselves, and perhaps even discover that they were wrong when they look within.

I was wrong about nearly everything for most of my life.  My experience of connecting with unconditional love has taught me one very important lesson:  We are not our thoughts or our actions.  We can all change, but in order to do so, we must love our self and seek the truth.  The truth can only be found though, when judgment is reserved until all of the information can be collected and filtered.

In deed, it is rational thought that separates the human from every other life form on this planet.  There is no other trait that significantly delineates us from any other humans.  According to Aristotle, all other differences are accidental.

I mention thought, because unconditional love requires that thoughts, emotions, and actions work in unison.  When we understand truth and no longer hold false, limiting beliefs, we can allow our heart to steer our actions.  The limiting beliefs are never in sync with our true feelings, in fact, they create artificial feelings.  This causes us to be confused about which actions to take, and they are most certainly not going to come from a place of love.

Unconditional love does not expect it to be returned from any particular source, but it knows that it will return from the universe.  Unconditional love is not enabling another to continue to harm themselves or others.  Love is never turning a blind eye, but it may require creating distance if you are the target of that harm.

Love yourself.  It isn’t easy and it will take a lot of work, but you will be rewarded greatly.

I am here to help you along your journey.  If you are willing to put in the effort required, money is not an issue.  If you truly care to improve yourself, I will be honored to work with you.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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