What is Reiki therapy?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki, pronounced “Ray Key”, is the combination of 2 Japanese words.  Rei means universal and is also a reference to the higher dimension of light and the soul.  Ki means the vital life force energy that interpentrates and connects all.

There are many cultures, religions and traditions that are aware of this life force but refer to it by a different name.  These other names are:

  • CHI – Chinese
  • HOLY GHOST – Christian
  • PRANA – Hindu
  • MANA – Kahunas
  • BIOPLASMIC ENERGY – Russian Researchers
  • KA – Egyptians
  • PNEUMA – Greeks
  • BARAKA – Sufis
  • JESOD – Jewish Cabbalists
  • WAKAN or WAKOUDA – Sioux

Since the energy is universal, it does not come from the practitioner.  This means they are not drained at the end of a session like other methods of treatment such as faith healing.

A Typical Reiki Treatment

Before the treatment begins, a short discussion about any concerns that you have would take place.  These could be physical, mental or spiritual concerns.  Then the practitioner ask you to remove your shoes, empty pockets of any electronics and take off jewelry.  You would be asked to lie down on a massage table and offered a blanket.  The experience is different for everyone and some may feel cold, some hot and some feel tingling.  It is ok for you to fall asleep during the session.  This is common for those experiencing a lot of stress in their lives.

The practitioner will place their hands on various areas of the body, but only hover over any sensitive areas.  A session will usually last about an hour with the client flipping over halfway through.  It is also possible to have reiki done while sitting in a chair, standing or resting in a bed in the case that you cannot get up.  Reiki can also be sent to anyone from a distance by a practitioner attuned to at least the second level.

Reiki is a universal energy and is beneficial for all life forms including animals and plants.  It is understood to be “smart” meaning that it goes to where it would be best used.  This may or may not align with what you consciously think would be best.


To me, Reiki is a means to gently and swiftly bring about harmony between our mind, body and soul and our surroundings.  It is not magical, although a lot of the benefits may appear like miracles.  I struggled with severe depression for more than 20 years and had numerous mental health professionals tell me that it is something I would have for the rest of my life.  Through Reiki it has been completely eradicated.

It was not Reiki alone that allowed me to heal.  It did give me the ability to heal myself.  The mental clarity that came from the total me being in balance showed me what I needed to do to get over this disease.  I could see clearly that it was my responsibility to take care of myself.  There was no relying on a medical professional to tell me what to do or what pill to take.  This does NOT mean that I had to do everything myself.  It only meant that I was fully responsible for the decisions that I made and continue to make.  I knew how to take care of my body by eating the right foods and exercising.  I knew of a lot of techniques to calm the negative self chatter going on in my mind.  Knowing it was not helpful in the least, however, when my overall mindset was still expecting someone else to fix me.  Once I accepted absolute responsibility for my well-being I did begin to mend.

Reiki will help bring balance to your life.  You will learn a lot about yourself through the process.  It may help you discover your life purpose.  You may find that you have more energy.  You might find an inner peace that gives you the feeling of freedom that you may not have felt since you were a young child in awe of discovering the world around you.

If this article resonates with you, I invite you to bring Reiki into your own life.  If you do try it out I would love to hear about your experience.  Please comment below.



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