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Tuning Fork Therapy® is a method of healing using sound and vibration.  This particular method was developed by Francine Milford, but the knowledge of using sound to heal has been known since ancient times.  Everything in the universe, including our own bodies, is in constant vibration.  Every molecule, atom and particle vibrates.

The vibratory frequency of an object, known as resonance, is the basis for healing with sound.  Our organs, cells, bones, tissues, and liquids of the body have a healthy vibratory frequency.  This is also true for the electromagnetic field surrounding our body (aura).  Dissonance happens when we are not resonating with a part of ourselves or our environment.  This disharmony leads to disease and illness.  Using sound, particularly our own voices, we can send the optimal frequency to any unhealthy part of ourselves.  The area will begin to vibrate at this frequency, known as sympathetic resonance, which leads to healing.

Tuning forks are used to create pure sounds without harmonics.  The forks used in this healing session are tuned to the frequencies of our 7 major chakras to bring them back into harmony.  Until further studies are done in using tuning forks, I will not use this therapy on the following groups of people:

  • those with pacemakers
  • steel implants (other metals seem to be ok)
  • pregnant women
  • stents, inserted tubing, etc.
  • colonoscopy bags, catheters, etc.
  • aneurysms, blood clots, etc.

A tuning fork healing session may be devoted to just sound or it may also be incorporated with reiki and/or coaching.  To schedule a session in the northeastern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin area, please call Ryan at (609) 832-3474.