Personal Trainer Food Review

If you are here, you have probably been struggling with your weight for a while and are looking for something that you can do that will actually work.  You have probably tried numerous diets, joined multiple gyms and may have even tried different supplements.  Even after all that, there has been a steady progress in weight gain.

I know how frustrating this process is.  I’ve been there.  I don’t enjoy exercise for the sake of exercise.  I take supplements, but they are for exactly that:  to supplement my nutritional intake, not to lose weight.  I do have good news for you, however.  In my experience, I have found that what we eat (and how much of it) affects our weight more than anything.

I found myself at my heaviest in April 2014, topping the scale at 270.  Like many New Years’ throughout my life, I joined a gym again.  I went 4 times in January and only once more in February.  I was about 260 at that point, then I just gave up.  I was tired, my jeans hurt to wear, but I was too stubborn to buy a new size up.  This did not help my depression in the least.

Fed up with the direction my health was heading, I took to the internet to see if I could find something that would work for me.  I read a lot of sales letters touting “miracle” pills.  Having tried a few of them in the past, I didn’t believe anything they were saying about their products.

Then I came across  Their website claims weight loss is 90% food and 10% exercise.  Based on my own experience, I would agree with this.  Even if you don’t put in the 10% on exercise (because I didn’t either) you will lose weight.  They were having a special at that time that offered $125 off of your order for their 3 meal-a-day plan for 28 days.  This brought the daily cost to about $11 per day.  This was less than what I was spending on groceries!

I had tried a meal replacement plan with another company in the past which did not work well for me.  I didn’t get the results because it required a lot of extra foods to go with the main meal which is all they gave you.  As I read more about Personal Trainer Food, I discovered that you did not need to add foods to their plan.  So I went through the process of of picking out the food.

The three meals are comprised of 1 breakfast item, and 1 entrée and 1 vegetable for both lunch and dinner.  I picked out 28 breakfasts, and 56 each of the entrées and vegetables.  The box it arrives in is a 2′ cube with an insulated chest inside with all of the meals, dry ice and their special garlic butter seasoning.  All of the food will fit into a top freezer, but that is all that you are going to be able to fit in there so it must be empty.  You can put 7 days worth of breakfasts and entrées in the fridge to help with some of the space.

The food is packaged in individual plastic pouches and you simply put them in the microwave for the recommended time.  Every meal smells amazing and nearly all of the meals taste just as wonderful.  The meals I tried that I did not like are not even offered on their website now.  At first I would recommend just getting a few of each and keeping track of the ones you like and don’t like and adjust your future orders accordingly.

As I mentioned, I loved the smells and tastes and the first few days were great.  On the third day, I noticed I was hungry.  On the fourth day, I was painfully hungry!  I went back to their website to see what else I could eat with the meals.  It turns out they have a very handy chat feature.  I talked to one of their representatives and she advised me that I could supplement the meals with as much meat and cheese as I wanted.  Since I had done the Atkins diet in the past, this did not seem too odd to me.

I went to the store to get salami slices and cheese cubes to have as a snack between lunch and dinner.  That did the trick.  I continued to get meals from PTF for the following 7 months.  By the 4th month, I no longer needed to supplement additional snacks.  I did keep almonds, walnuts and pistachios handy to have a handful every once in a while.

I know you are just here for the results and I think I’ve rambled on enough so without further ado:  I lost 66 pounds!  On December 11, 2014 I weighed in at 204.  I felt amazing!  I wasn’t constantly craving salty, greasy foods followed with sugary desserts.  I have only used the meal service a few times since then, but I have been able to keep my weight below 220 due to the change in my eating habits from this experience.

Final verdict:  10/10 IT WORKS!  The food tastes and smells good (it’s not gourmet, but it beats fast food any day).  I highly recommend it, especially if you have been struggling to get real results.  This may be just what you are looking for to get that breakthrough!

As of today, February 22nd, 2017, they have a 35% off special if you use the code 35OFF.  If you are reading this after the promotion is over, you can use my link and the coupon code HEALTHYFOOD to get $125 off of your first order.

I’d love to hear about your experience with their meals in the comments below.  The key is to make your health, your COMPLETE health, the number 1 priority in your life.  Take care of yourself and the rest of life gets easier and allows you to do more for others than you ever thought was possible!




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