Learn How to Trust Intuition and Empower Your Life

In order to learn how to trust intuition, you must first understand what it is.  When you know what it is, you will be able to identify it.  In order to trust something, you must be able to identify it.  Perhaps you have attempted to trust your “intuition” and it did not turn out too well.  Are you certain that it was really “intuition” that you were following, or was it something else?

It can be rather frustrating to follow a path that turns out to be a dead-end or leads to a negative experience.  When this happens multiple times, we become distrustful, and probably even convince ourselves that intuition is a negative thing itself.

What is Intuition?

Merriam Webster defines intuition as quick and ready insight.  While I agree with the definition, it falls woefully short in describing what it is.  Our minds are quite quick as well, and can dismiss intuition even before we became conscious of it.  How do we distinguish intuition from deep entrenched thoughts, then?  To answer this question I have found it easiest to distinguish based on what its purpose is.

The purpose of intuition is different for everyone, because its purpose is to guide you towards your purpose.  I consider it the GPS for the soul.  Just like using a navigational device in your car, your intuition is always guiding you towards your destination.  Even if you don’t follow the turn-by-turn directions, it will adjust and provide you with an updated path.

If we do not know what our destination or purpose is, it will be rather difficult to recognize which instructions are guiding us toward our path from those that are not.  The catch-22 with this whole scenario is that it may require intuition to determine our purpose.


Seriously.  This is going to take patience.  You will come up with a better way to tune into your intuition along your journey, but for now it will be a lot of hit and miss.  It will take practice.  It will require blind faith – not necessarily faith in that your decisions will work out, but faith that you will get to a point that you will understand it.  This is a skill that can be learned and developed.

I envision this guidance system as a higher version of myself.  You may choose to see it as something else for now and your perspective on it will undoubtedly change as you listen to and trust it more.  Whatever you view it as, it is communicating with you.

How Does Intuition Communicate with You?

Intuition will come in many, many forms.  It can be an instantaneous judgment, such as a “funny feeling” about a person that you just came across.  It might be a sudden change of heart about something which causes you to change your immediate plans.  There are numerous instances of people that decided not to go to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11, or people missing flights that end up crashing, etc.  It can be a gut feeling that something just feels right.

Most of the time, the clues will manifest itself internally in some form.  If you continue to move further and further away from your path it may present itself externally.  This can be in the form of synchronicity such as seeing 11:11 often.  It may be a major life change such as a job loss, injury or other traumatic event.  In this sense, it is a little more involved that a simple navigational GPS.  It would be like the GPS putting a boulder in the middle of your path because you have skipped the past 10 instructions.

The further we stray from our path, the more difficult life will be.

Tips to Develop Your Intuition

The following are just some of the ways I have used that I have found helpful.  There is no universal right or wrong way, but you will probably find a preferred way for yourself.  Pick one or two that resonate with you and try it out.  Keep trying it until you are pretty clear as to whether or not it has been effective.

As I mentioned previously, it is easiest to determine intuition when we know our purpose.  These tips are going to be geared to using and developing your intuition in order to discover your purpose(s).   Yes, we are going to have many destinations along our journey called life.

Say yes to things that make you feel good

If you are looking through a list of local events happening this weekend and you find one interesting, go!  If there is a dream job that you want to pursue, pursue it!  I know this is much easier said than done because we are laden with limiting beliefs that are going to contradict a lot of these messages.  Starting our own business is a large unknown, and the unknown is often viewed with fear of failure or success or a feeling of being unworthy.

Intuition will most likely be guiding you towards experiences that will raise your vibrations.  I’ve included a chart to illustrate the difference in frequencies of different emotions.

Look for intuitive guidance that leads you to higher vibrational experiences.

Exercise:  Choose 1 at a level of 200 or higher that you want to attract into your life.  Let’s look at courage.  If we want to experience courage, we need to face our fears.  If you are reading this and you are human you can come up with something that you have a fear

Apply Reason to Your Emotions

While emotions may be intuitive clues, oftentimes they are just a product of our imaginations.  Intuition will show up as fear if you are in or approaching a dangerous situation.  It is time to activate fight or flight in order to preserve your life.  If fear shows up because you just watched a news program and you are worried about the future of humanity it is a product of your mind.  These are emotions we need to analyze rationally.

Ask yourself if you are in immediate danger.  Why are you experiencing fear?  Continuing the example of fear induced from watching the news, most likely the language used by the television personality was very emotionally charged.  These are not our emotions which is why we need to apply reason to filter them out.  Our goal is to strip these “false” emotions away to uncover our true emotions.

The only thing that we can control at this point is our own thoughts and actions.  In fact, that is all we can ever control completely.  If you don’t look at the emotion of fear and reason that it is unnecessary, you are likely to remain stuck in this vibration of fear.

Use Tools to Communicate with Your Intuition

This is known as divining and there are a lot of tools that have been employed by others to communicate with intuition.  One key point in regards to these tools is that by themselves, they have no power.  They are simply tools.  The power comes from you as it is your intuition.  A few of the tools available are pendulums, tarot or oracle cards, runes, divining sticks, and dowsing rods.

There are a number of books, and probably classes offered near you teaching how to use these tools.  They work by asking a question of your higher self or intuition and your subtle energies work to provide an answer with the tool.  A pendulum will swing one way for yes, and another for no.  Tarot cards will provide answers with a lot more context and room for interpretation.  If the concept of using any of these tools seems “right” to you, then follow your intuition and learn how to use it!

Trusting Intuition

Trust is a state of mind or attitude towards something.  The goal is to get to a point where you trust that you clearly understand the intuitive clue and can make a decision to think or act in accordance with this clue and trust that you will get to your destination.  It’s trusting that even if you misinterpret something, that it will help you correct your path somewhere down the road.

One thing that has helped me along my journey has been to see the destination or purpose of my life as a state of being and not an accumulation of material objects or competitive conquests.  Using the frequency chart above I targeted love.  Once in this vibration, it becomes easy to attract things to my life that bring more unconditional love.  I experienced a lot of obstacles along the way and ran away from most of them which is why it took me such a long time.  Now I can remove the obstacle with ease because it is no longer an obstacle because this frequency moves right through it.

No matter which path you choose, it can be considered the correct path.  Even painful experiences allow us to learn a lot about who we are and what we want in life.  Getting to a point where you do trust your intuition is a very freeing perspective to be in.  Then the journey itself becomes the destination that you seek!

Blessings on your journey!

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below!


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