How to Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

While the quote “we must be the change we want to see in the world,” is often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, it is not verifiable that this is a direct quote that he said.  It is possible that this is just a paraphrase of a similar quote of his: “The best propaganda is not pamphleteering, but for each one of us to try to live the life we would have the world live.”

This article is not about the origin of this quote.  This article is how to embody the essence of this quote.  Regardless of where it came from, it does contain universal truth.  It accurately portrays the natural laws of mentalism and cause and effect.  There is no doubt that if you are here, reading this blog, that you sense something is off in the world around you.  I felt this for many years before I actually became aware of exactly what it is that is off.

There is a lot of evidence that you will need to gather for yourself and analyze if you wish to find the truth for yourself.  I wish that I could just tell you, but I know from experience that truth must be sought and found by each individual.  I was exposed to universal truths throughout my life but was unable to recognize them as such.  I believed lies and rejected these truths because I was never taught to properly think.

I did try to convey truths when I became aware of them.  This was a very frustrating experience for the reasons I just listed above.  I will still speak truths in the face of lies, but my main focus is now to inspire you to look for truth for yourself.  The truth will show you exactly how you need to change to become what you wish to see in the world.

Let’s look at the phrase “be the change.”  To be is to exist.  Your existence is the sum of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  We are already constantly changing from moment to moment as our thoughts and feelings shift.  This is not the change we are looking for because these changes are kept within rigid boundaries we have established for ourselves.  These boundaries are the deeply held beliefs that we typically aren’t even aware of.

Nearly all of these beliefs are lies.  These beliefs control our thoughts and trigger emotions that limit the actions that we take.  These beliefs are the root cause of the effects that show up in your life.  When we look at the effects that show up in the world at large, the root cause is the aggregate of beliefs held by the entire human population.  Real change comes from changing the root causes.  Changing the effects does not stop those effects from constantly showing up again and again.

The plight of Sisyphus is an apt way to portray what it looks like when you try to make changes to the effects as opposed to the causes.  Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, was punished for his deceitfulness.  He was sentenced to push a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll back down for him to do it again.

When you make a change to your external world, you may get that boulder to the top of the hill.  Without changing the conditions that cause the need for the boulder to moved up the hill, you will soon encounter another boulder to be moved.  If you avoid it the boulder will start to follow you, become larger, and eventually may crush you.

This is exactly how my experience with depression played out.  I avoided it through sleep, video games, pharmaceuticals, and socially withdrawing.  The depression did not go away even though I was able to momentarily escape my awareness of it.  It was always there and became worse and worse over time.  When I accepted responsibility that I was the cause for my depression and that I was the only one that could heal myself, I slowly began to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to overcome it.

Keeping with the boulder analogy, I began to create steps going up the hill that I could rest the boulder on while I worked on the next step.  In actuality I was recognizing the lies that I was holding on to.  I wasn’t doomed to live with depression for the rest of my time here on earth.  At first I was still seeking for answers externally.  I did find some of these answers and it was always in the form of knowledge.  Knowledge about the workings of the brain and our bodies and our spirit.  Knowledge about feelings and emotions and how to understand them and use them.

I began to care about myself and my well being.  If you get only one thing from this article, let it be this.  What you care about is what you will focus on.  If you truly care to become a better person and to live the principles you wish to see in the world, you will.  This care will become priority number one for your subconscious and will even begin to shine light on ideas held there that are keeping you from achieving your new goals.  When you do become aware of them, work through them.  They can either be discarded or transformed into ideas that will help you along your journey.

Care is thinking with your heart.  It is an act of creating and it will help to create unity with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I found that most of my discordance was because my thoughts and feelings were widely out of sync with each other.  Feelings have a much larger influence on your actions.  For example, I knew very well that fast food is an awful thing to put in your body if you want it to be healthy.  My feelings, however, did not reflect those thoughts.  I liked how easy it was to acquire this food as opposed to the effort required to eat and prepare healthier options for myself.  The chemicals put into a lot of these foods also stimulate pleasure centers in our brains.  These feelings continually influenced me to eat at these establishments and reinforced the depression.

When I began to care about my well being, it became easier to make healthier choices.  My feelings supported health as opposed to the pleasure that the bad foods would provide.  My body began to change.  The feelings that supported health began to become stronger and higher in vibration.  I worked on removing thoughts that were not in line with the care for my well being.  I began to manifest opportunities into my life that would assist my healing.  My intuition was becoming aware of these opportunities and I started to pursue them.

I eventually reached an epiphany that I knew I would never have to live with depression for another single moment in my life.  I also realized that my path was to continue this journey upward and that my purpose is to help others suffering from these devastating mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

I have come to discover emotions that I never imagined even existed.  They had been talked about in different texts and are often referred to as enlightenment.  Words fall short of actually experiencing it and the only way to develop a true understanding of it is to actually feel it for yourself.  I would love the opportunity to help you along your journey.  I can’t do the work for you, but I can provide feedback, guidance, encouragement, and healing.

Start being the change you wish to see in the world today.  Work towards a point where you can help others to do the same.  Before we know it, that aggregate consciousness will transform the world around us and allow us to truly be what we were meant to be as powerful, creative, and compassionate beings.





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