How to Be Kind to One Another

Have you ever had a bad day all of the sudden turn brighter because someone unexpectedly did something kind for you?  Perhaps you did and now you are looking for different ways you can be kind to others.  I am going to share what has helped me to offer more kindness to others.  If what I write resonates with you, feel free to utilize or adapt this information into your own life.  If it does not, just leave it.

Kindness can be displayed as an act or thought.  It may be as simple as a warm smile or as heroic as saving a drowning person’s life.  If we stop to think about, every waking moment is an opportunity to express kindness.  Has that thought even ever crossed your mind?  Probably not.

We live in a frantic, fast-paced world.  It is a world which currently does not prioritize kindness.  It does appreciate kindness when displayed.  This shows me that there is room for it in this world.  If you want a world with more kindness, then it is up to you to fill it with more kindness.

Kindness as a Lifestyle

If kindness seems scarce in your life, but the thought of kindness doesn’t enter your mind, then it is going to remain scarce.  If you want to experience more kindness you can either seek it from outside or create it from within and express it outwardly.  I feel it is beneficial to do both.  If you look for kindness in others, you will be able to see it.  If you look for the bad in people, then that is what you will find.

To begin creating it from within is going to require a change in habits.  If it never occurs to you to express kindness, how often do you think you will spread kindness?  Set a reminder on your calendar or tape a note to your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to display kindness that day.  Start small.  You do not need to perform an act of kindness on camera each day that will go viral.  The goal is just to get it to be part of a conscious lifestyle that allows you to live an empowered life.

First and Foremost:  BE KIND TO YOURSELF

My own experience and from talking to others about it has led me to the conclusion that each of us are our own worst critics.  We talk to ourselves in ways that we would not tolerate anyone else to do to us.  We will continue to do this to ourselves until we start to stand up for ourselves – from ourselves.

Again, this is going to take practice and a conscious effort to change this from a bullying habit to one of kindness.  The one act of kindness you use to start your day with can be towards yourself.  Smile at yourself in the mirror and wish yourself a great day!  Start small.  Once you find that you have formed this habit, add another one.

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is to reject a negative thought and replace it with a positive one.  The kinder you are to yourself, the more it will be in your consciousness.  The more it is in your consciousness, the more you will see it in others and the more you will be moved to perform an act of kindness for another.

Ideas on How to Be Kind

This is in no way an exhaustive list on ways to be kind.  I would surmise that the actual list is only limited by our own imaginations.

  • smile
  • compliment someone on their outfit
  • listen attentively to whom you are conversing
  • let someone merge into traffic in front of you
  • buy a cup of tea for a stranger
  • say a positive affirmation to yourself
  • allow someone to show you kindness
  • offer assistance to anyone you see struggling
  • help clean up after a meal
  • apologize to someone you may have hurt in the past and offer to make it right

I’m sure you can come up with ten more ideas in less than a minute if you take the time to think about it.  Now that it’s on your mind begin doing it.  Just one act each day for the next 3 weeks is enough to make it a habit.

One word of caution – do not expect to exude kindness at all times.  We are human and we will forget and emotions can be very difficult to handle.  Build the habit one small step at a time and have patience with yourself understanding that it will take practice and hard work to create a lifestyle that is full of kindness 🙂

I love you!


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