How Do I Heal Myself?

How do I heal myself, you ask?  I can’t tell you how to heal yourself, but I can tell you that it is your responsibility to find that answer.  There is no blanket cure for all illnesses.  A panacea does not exist that will wipe out cancer, MS, dementia, depression, broken legs or headaches.  There is information available for all of these ailments, however.

There is only one person alive in this world that communicates directly with your body.  The answer is obvious but it is one we do not think about often.  The healthcare you get depends entirely upon your ability to communicate what is going on with your body.

Even if you are able to communicate succinctly what is going on with you, if you share this information with someone that doesn’t know the best way to help you, you aren’t going to get the best help.  Again, this is very obvious, but not usually part of our decision making process.

I spent many years at the mercy of a healthcare system that only ever tried 2 different methods to help me with my depression:  drugs and talk therapy.  In my experience neither improved my state of being and most of the pharmaceuticals they tried made matters decidedly worse.  One drug made it feel like I was being electrocuted with every step I took.

You Ultimately Responsible for ALL of Your Decisions

After 16 years of my depression consistently getting worse, I finally came to the realization that I had to find the answers myself.  I started to read about depression and how others were managing it.  I was not able to classify my symptoms into 1 specific type of depression and my experiences seemed to be slightly different than most.  There was one book that helped me start to take responsibility for my own health:

I played a lot of contact sports as a child and young adult, and as a result I endured quite a few concussions.  There were only 2 that resulted in a loss of consciousness, but there were numerous times that my bell was rung.  I started to seek out the help of neurologists.  I still wasn’t at the point where I was really leading my own recovery efforts, but I was able to shift the direction of my care.

One neurologist recommended that I start taking a supplement called huperzine-a, start using Lumosity, and seek the help of a neuropsychologist.  I did all three and I am very thankful that I did.  The neuropsychologist resulted in just more of the same talk therapy, but the supplement seemed to hep a little bit and the brain games are a habit that I continue to use daily.  I did stop taking the supplement after reading more about it.

I was definitely improving at this point.  Not healed or cured, but I was having more “good” days than “bad” and this was a gigantic milestone.  I continued to search for knowledge about how to beat depression, lose weight and live a better life.  I was able to lose over 80 pounds when I started to use this knowledge.  My mood continually, albeit slowly, improved.  I also began to attract people into my life that were able to offer exactly what I needed to heal.

When I met Teresa, we were both working on improving our own situations and one of her long time friends had encouraged her to learn about Reiki.  I knew nothing about the modality when she asked if she could practice on me, but what I was able to find didn’t show any crazy side effects so I agreed.  I had been sliding into another depression at this time and I would even fall asleep after she worked on me.  I slept better each night and my mood would be sustained for a couple of days before I would need another session.

After about 3 months of Reiki therapy, I had an epiphany moment.  I knew in that instant that depression was something I would never have to deal with again personally.  Looking back, the best way I can describe what happened is to say that all of the information that my brain had about my health, all fell into place and I was able to see the big picture for the first time.

I had gathered a lot of knowledge throughout my life about health and healing, and it turned into wisdom in knowing how to employ all of it.  Today I use crystals, Reiki, essential oils, food, exercise, vibration, meditation, supplements, and the trivium method of thinking in order to maintain my health and to keep improving it.  The wisdom in knowing that only I had the responsibility for my own health did not occur until the epiphany, but the actual process began long before that when I made the decision that I needed to figure it out.

The answers that you find to heal yourself may be different, but a lot of the answers to achieve optimal health will be the same.  Books, doctors and others that suffer from the same things that you do are all part of the puzzle.  All of the information you gather needs to be reviewed and understood in order for you to begin making the best decisions that you can for yourself.  I am available and willing to help you with this process.  Just reach out to me by email, phone or in the comments below to get started on your journey to becoming your best, healthy self.




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