How Can I Be Happy in Life?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a button you could press for happiness?

It would be nice if there was a button for everything, but the truth is that there isn’t.  There is, however, a process that can be done to experience happiness in a way that is less fleeting, more consistent and even more intense.  It’s not as easy as a button but it is simple once you understand the process.

Everything I write here is my understanding of what is true and I try to convey it in a way that is easy to understand for everyone.  The problem with that is that each of us have differing internal dictionaries and if we hold opposing understandings of just 1 word, the meaning can be totally confused.  If you have any questions about anything I share or you are confused please ask.  I’m available for you if you truly want to understand this subject matter better.

With that said, let’s start by defining happiness.

What is Happiness?

Happiness, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is: a state of well-being and contentment; joy.

If we cross-reference this with the Natural Law of Vibration, we can see that it is a very high vibration emotion.

I brought in a couple of concepts that must be understood in order to enact the process that I am going to be discussing on how to be happy.  Natural Law is a set of rules that govern the universe.  These Laws apply to everyone that dwells within this space/time continuum regardless of one’s belief or knowledge of these laws.  (Why these Laws are not common knowledge is for another discussion which I will write about soon)

The Natural Law of Vibration states that everything in nature is in motion.  When we look at quantum physics we see that nothing is at rest.  There are tiny particles that never cease to be in a state of vibration.  From our limited perspective of the universe, larger things like rocks, chairs, buildings, etc. appear to be still, but we know that they are not.

This Law of Vibration applies to us as well.  Using the emotional vibration chart we can see that in order to experience joy, we would need to attain a certain emotional vibration level.  This is also the Law from which the Law of Attraction comes from.  The books that are on the market have made this Law more confusing than it needs to be because it doesn’t educate the reader on the entire set of Natural Laws (there are 7) which is needed to understand how to use it.

The Law of Attraction is simply the understanding that the vibrations you release in the present moment will come back to you.  Sometimes it is almost instantly and sometimes it can take a while.  It depends on how complicated the series of vibrations you send out are.  This includes subconscious vibrations as well that we are constantly sending out.

This means if we want to experience more happiness in our life, we have to send out vibrations that match with happiness.   We can do this intentionally through mindfulness and visualization if we know the key elements that are to be involved:

  1.  Focus on the desired experience that you want to attract
  2. Believe that you already have this and feel it
  3. Remove all limiting beliefs that contradict this new belief
  4. Release the attachment to this new belief

Focus on the desired experience as if you already have it

1 and 2 really go together, but I separated them to highlight that they are each key elements.  The proper way to do this is get into a meditative state first.  If you so not practice meditation, I highly recommend it as it creates a bridge between our mind (conscious and subconscious) and the superconscious mind (the universe itself).

To learn more about the superconscious mind the first Natural Law is what ought to be studied, which is Mentalism.  All is Mind.

Imagine what it is that want as if you already possess it.  Important note:  do NOT imagine you wanting it – this sends the vibration of desire out to the universe which will only bring you back more desire and will never actually return the object or experience of the desire.  So focus on the actually having this object or experience then explore the emotions and feelings that come from having this.  Do this for as long as you feel necessary.

3.  Remove limiting beliefs – during this visualization you may experience thoughts of doubts, worthlessness, absurdity, etc.  There are no beliefs that you are carrying around in your ego that do not limit you.  These must be released in order to start attracting what you really want in your life.  I will discuss how to do this in a future article.  You can write or call me if you want to get started on this process sooner.

4.  Release this new belief – once you have fully felt the experience of this as if it were true, you then just release the attachment to this belief.  If you hold on to belief it will not reach wherever it needs to in the universe to bring it back to you.  I found this the hardest step to initially be able to do, but now it is the most exciting because it is a big surprise when it shows up seemingly out of nowhere.

Other Influences on Vibration

There are other things that we need to be aware of that also affect our vibration.  The most important of which is the food that we eat.  Food, like everything, has its own vibration.  This means that we take on the energy of the foods that we consume.

Raw, whole foods are going to have the highest vibration and meats of animals that have been slaughtered in inhumane ways will have a low frequency vibration.  Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine all influence our vibration.

Our belief systems interfere with our actions and cause us to do things that are not in line with our thoughts.  We know fast food is very unhealthy, but the chemicals in the food make us feel good while we are eating it, so we act in disharmony with our thoughts.  We may also have an underlying belief that convenience is more important than our health or that we are not worthy of being healthy.  Happiness is a side effect of bringing our thoughts, emotions and actions into harmony.

Exercise is an activity that has amazing benefits to our health, and by extension our happiness.  Our bodies don’t require a lot of exercise, but it does require it.  My goal is 45 minutes daily of stretching, light cardio and core strengthening exercises.

Meditation helps to balance the mind.  Reiki helps to balance our chakra system.  Chemicals in household cleaning products, weedkillers, or insecticides unbalance our internal systems.  Walking or just being in nature helps you to sync with the harmony that nature herself offers.

Happiness is a CHOICE

The one thing in common with everything I’ve talked about so far is the fact that you have control over the actions that you take.   A lot of your choices may be subconscious and you don’t even become aware of it until later, or they are just stronger than the choice to take actions that will bring you happiness.

I also understand how hard it is to change old habits…especially ones that bring pleasure.  I do understand now that the only choice you really need to make is to be happy.  Using what you learn about the Natural Laws and the Law of Attraction, imagine being abundantly happy.  Feel it.  Experience it.  Your mind will make it real.  Then let it go.

It will come back to you.  As you become more adept at doing this, you can greet the return of the feeling as an old friend.  The added bonus to being able to fully implement this method is that it has a snowball effect.  The more happiness that you both imagine and experience, the more it will come to you.

May you have all of the happiness that you can imagine!



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