Does Pure Evil Exist?

If you watch the news, you may quickly come to the conclusion that pure evil does indeed exist in this world.  If you have experienced extreme abuse by another person, especially if it was a family member, you may also be inclined to believe that pure evil exists in this world.

Depending on your perspective you may indeed be right.  But as a Truth seeker, the only thing that matters in fostering understanding is to identify truths.  As with all of my writings, I encourage you to discuss in the comments with the purpose of understanding.

If this content is new to you, it is your responsibility to determine truth for yourself.  This is done by collecting ALL pertinent facts and evidence, analyzing and filtering this information and ultimately applying the wisdom attained from understanding the truth.  What I just described is The Trivium, which is a method introduced by Aristotle, that outlines the process to think for yourself.

My objective is to understand truth and act in a way that demonstrates my understanding of truth.  My objective is never to tell you what to think.  If you identify flaws in my logic, please bring it to my attention.  I want to know the truth even if this means admitting that I’m wrong about something.  So with the objective of understanding truth in mind, let’s begin by defining the phrase used as the title of this article.

Does Pure Evil Exist?

All definitions below come from Merriam-Webster.

Does -(verb) present tense third-person singular of do

    – Do – (auxiliary verb) used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in interrogative sentences

Pure – (adjective) being thus and no other

Evil – (noun) something that brings sorrow, distress, or calamity

Exist – (intransitive verb) to have real being whether material or spiritual

Putting that all together we are asking whether or not something that brings ONLY sorrow, distress, or calamity IS real in either the physical or spiritual.  Based only on these definitions I would conclude that pure evil can exist, but we are unaware of it if it does.  There is no denying, however, that evil does exist, and it exists regardless of the intention behind what caused the suffering.

Understanding Evil

So far we have only looked at words only in the context of their definitions.  It would be helpful to overlay these definitions on truths that we do know exist.  There are Natural Laws that govern this physical space/time continuum that we exist in as humans.  One of these laws is the Law of Polarity which states that all things under Natural Law has its own polar opposite.

The opposite of evil would be good.  The opposite of hot is cold.  Light and dark are polar opposites.  If we look closely at this phenomena, we would eventually realize that there is only 1 thing that exists with each of these pairs.  I will demonstrate with light and dark.

Light is electromagnetic radiation that has measurable properties of frequency and wavelength.  There is a range of light that humans can perceive with our eyes known as visible light.  When we are in the presence of visible light, we are able to see and observe our physical surroundings.

When visible light is not present, we experience the condition of darkness and we cannot observe our surroundings through our sense of sight.  Darkness can only be described as an absence of visible light and not as an actual thing.

Take a moment and think about the following statement:  a dark room can be flooded with light, but a light room cannot be flooded with darkness.  The only way to create the condition of darkness is to remove or block the source of light that exists in that room.

Applying this analogy to good and evil we would see that only one exists and the polar opposite is just the absence of this thing.  Now, good and evil are just words that we use to express a concept of experience.  Good is the experience of things that are desirable and evil is that which is not.

The thing that actually exists is LOVE and its polar opposite is FEAR.  This isn’t an all or nothing type of thing, either.  There can be varying degrees of love present, just as a room can have varying levels of light.  Where love exists, there are going to be experiences that are desirable and good.  Where love is absent, there are going to be experiences that are negative and bad.

How Do We Stop Evil?

You are probably familiar with the saying, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”  If you’ve been following along to this point, you may recognize that this is NOT the way to stop evil.  Ignoring it is allowing it to happen.  Can you make a dark room bright by ignoring it?  No, you need to bring a source of light into that room.

If you want to truly stop evil from happening, you must face it.  You need to see it.  You need to hear it.  You need to speak (of) it.  When you are aware of it you can then do something about it.  If evil is the condition of suffering, which exists because love is absent, what do you think you can do to remove this condition?  Introduce love to the situation.

Human Nature vs the Human Condition

Bringing love into a situation of suffering, especially in the presence of the person who chose to create the condition, is much easier said than done.  It requires a lot of work and courage to be able to do this.  The current condition of humanity is full of fear and any attempt to bring love into the mix is ridiculed, ignored, unappreciated and even met with more vitriol than was there before.  It doesn’t matter if these reactions were well-intentioned or not, because the effect will be the same regardless.

If you take a flashlight into a dark room full of people and turn it on, you may get screamed at and turn it off or someone may even break the flashlight.  The result is the same either way:  darkness again.  The source of light has been extinguished.

In order to eliminate evil, you need to become a source of love that cannot be easily deterred or extinguished.  In order to do this, you first must CARE to do this.  You must make love, principles, morals, good, light, etc. a priority in your life.  You must first learn to love yourself.  You must love your whole self and all of the flaws, suffering, immoral acts, prejudices and judgments that you are.  You must see, hear and speak of these things in order to overcome them and end the suffering that you experience yourself.

It is human nature to seek and find an equilibrium with nature.  It is the human condition to not care to do this.  The human condition can be changed.  The word condition implies that we have been conditioned to be this way.  If we can be conditioned not to care, then we can condition ourselves to care.  The first step is to truly desire to be this change.  You have to learn how to do this for yourself in order to become the source of love that shines light in a world full of darkness.

Change your own condition.  Learn how to do it and then inspire others to do the same.  Once you realize inner peace is not just possible, but something you actually experience, then you can see how world peace is also possible.  But, and this is a big BUT, it can only happen in that order.  World peace will not bring you inner peace.  Inner peace in a large enough segment of the population can bring about world peace.

If you really care to see world peace, then hopefully after reading this article, you know what to do.

The Steps to Inner Peace

There is only 1 step that will be common to everyone.  The first step.  You have to make the decision to CARE to do whatever it takes to find this.  You may have a different word for inner peace, which is fine.  You may search for balance or harmony or truth or love.

Once you begin this journey the next steps will begin to present themselves to you.  This is your journey.  You have free will and you do have the choice to think for yourself.  I am more than happy to walk beside you or meet with you anywhere along your journey, but there is one thing I cannot do.  I cannot take those steps for you.  No one can take those steps for you.

I wish you love along your journey and look forward to connecting with you somewhere along your path be it a comment below, sharing a nice meal somewhere in nature or a lifelong friendship.



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