I am qualified to do this because I have done this work myself to the point that I can teach you.  This in no way implies that my work on self is complete.  That will absolutely continue because I know our potential is limitless.  I am here to help you get started on your journey to health in mind, body, and spirit.

This process has 2 main steps:

  1. Bring balance & harmony to your mind, body, and spirit
  2. Raise your consciousness & become a limitless creator

Disharmony in one’s mind/body/spirit is the cause of (dis)ease.  The mind is so out of balance in humans now that physical brain damage is occurring.  Bodies are disproportionately obese in some areas of the globe and severely malnourished in others.  Even those appearing to have taken care of their bodies may have done this through obsession and steroids at the cost of ignoring both the mind and spirit.  The spirit of humanity is currently in a paradigm of overwhelming darkness.

I will help you balance your mind by first teaching you how to think for yourself.  Once you can discern truth on your own, it is up to you to seek truth which can be found within.



I will help you balance your body through proper nutrition and exercise.  This is information that you already know but have been unable to actually implement this knowledge (hint: it begins in the mind).



I will help you balance your spirit with reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, and mindfulness.  Spirit is light and it is always on.  Balance is the recognition that we are not separate from it and can come to know it.



When our mind, body, and spirit are in harmony we begin our work on becoming a self empowered individual.  The goal of this is to become enlightened where our thought, emotions, and actions work in unison with each other and with Nature.

Money is never a requisite to work with me.  I know the value that I bring is limitless.  My goal through this process is to help you realize the same is true about your own value.  It is up to you to determine that value as we begin.