Everybody’s journey is unique and my own is no exception.  If you would have told me when I was in college that I would become an “earthy, crunchy” alternative healer I probably would have just laughed it off.  My eyes were set on writing blockbuster screen plays and following in the footsteps of Quentin Tarantino (I still have my eyes set on this although I discovered my forte is novel writing).

My journey included a long, sometimes painful, bout with depression and anxiety.  I tried talk therapy, group therapy, art, medicine, exercise, meditation, yoga and supplements to battle the symptoms.  Most seemed to help while I was employing the different methods, but none of them would stick.  Eventually the depression would crash through and the only consistent coping mechanisms (they certainly weren’t skills) I had were sleep and playing video games.  Looking back, it is easy to see that these did more harm than good and just avoided dealing with the emotions I struggled with.

There were stretches of years that would go by while the depression just consumed me.  This resulted in social isolation, failed relationships and unsteady employment.  My path to healing started 4 years ago after I read the book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Dr. Daniel Amen.  It was this book that led me start seeking for answers about the potential cause of my depression as opposed to just trying to manage the symptoms.  The book rang true to me because he showed a correlation to behavioral issues with concussions.  I played a lot of youth sports and continued with baseball to the semi-pro level and played until I was 30.  I suffered from 2 concussions that left me unconscious and numerous dings throughout my athletic career.

I sought the help of a neuropsychologists and neurologists to see if there were any underlying problems with my brain.  Unfortunately, the disease associated with concussions – chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE – can only be determined after death.  Hearing about the struggles of the athletes (mostly football players) that had CTE was not very encouraging.  The good news was that it would be impossible to conclude that this is what I was dealing with.  I say it was good because I acknowledge I have a tendency to make symptoms worse from my overactive imagination or hypochondria.  On the recommendation of a neurologist I began taking the supplement huperzine-a as well as utilize the Lumosity.com website for brain training.

I noticed an immediate improvement in mood.  I went a step further and changed my diet.  I did a 2 week juice cleanse and then ate meals I ordered from personaltrainerfood.com.  I lost 66 lbs in a course of 8 months.  Then the depression started to creep back.  I offered no resistance to it.  I hadn’t experienced 8 consecutive months with no sign of depression since my high school years nearly 20 years prior.  I had hoped that I was done with those days and I didn’t have the energy to fight it.  I went straight back to my standard coping techniques.  It was about a year later that I finally decided that enough was enough.  I had gained 30 lbs back so I ordered more meals.  I did have to stop taking the huperzine-a because I read up on it and it is not meant to be taken over long durations of time.

This is when I met a new friend, Teresa, that introduced me to Reiki.  I had heard of it but knew next to nothing about it.  I was very skeptical because the “new age” industry seemed to be full of scams and “gurus” whose main interests were just lining their own pockets.  While I have been deeply spiritual throughout my life (so much so that I credit this for keeping me alive throughout my depression), I had only practiced meditation.

I gave Reiki a try.

It changed my life.

After 6 months of regular treatment I had a profound experience.  Epiphany is probably the nearest English word to describe the experience, but even that falls far short.  Essentially, it felt like all of the knowledge and experiences I had accumulated coalesced into a giant picture that made perfect sense.  In that moment I knew that I would never have to deal with depression again.  I didn’t have any logical facts to back this assertion up at the time, but I knew it to be true.  In that moment I accepted full responsibility for my own well being…in all aspects of my life!  No more waiting around and avoiding issues.  No more expecting someone else to save me.

Now that I knew the power of Reiki, I desired it daily.  The only way I was going to be able to accomplish this was to go through the training and become attuned myself.  I continued the training because I am compelled to offer this healing to you.  I invite you to call me to set up an introductory 30 minute session to discuss how I can assist you to take charge of your life and become the best version of you.